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Mental health issues in Cockermouth

Since the devastating floods which ravaged the Cumbrian town of Cockermouth, local GPs have reported an increase in patients with psychological problems.

People are being encouraged by family doctors and mental health workers not to rush things and consider their health as they return to their homes and places of work following the downpours.

Hundreds were forced from their homes and businesses last month as the heavy rain pummelled the district, with Main Street in Cockermouth left washed out as water levels reached up to 8ft deep.

Cockermouth GP Dr John Howarth said: "As people begin to realise how long it may take to get both their homes and businesses back to normal, it can cause real emotional and psychological upset. We're asking people not to push themselves too hard as it can all become too much.

"We understand the extreme pressure which people and families are under at the moment and we're committed to helping people in Cockermouth to get their lives back on track."

Drop-in clinics for people who are feeling depressed or have anxiety problems following the floods are being held twice a week at Christ Church in Cockermouth, while the venue is also available as a Flood Support Centre.

The temporary clinics are being held by First Step every Wednesday from 1-4pm and Thursdays from 10am to 4pm.

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