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Mental health problems affect 62%

Mental health problems have affected six out of 10 people (62%) in Britain at one time or another, a survey has found.

There have been calls for an end to the "them and us" attitude to the issue of mental health from Together - a charity which deals with the issue.

Stress has affected 70% of people, while 59% said they had suffered with anxiety and 55% have had depression, the research which was commissioned to launch the charity's annual Mental Wellbeing Week found.

More than three in 10 (32%) said they had been worried they were "cracking up" at one point or another.

Liz Felton, ex-psychiatric nurse and the charity's Chief Executive, said: "This research shows that mental health and wellbeing is an issue relevant to most people, not just those with diagnosed issues.

"We hope the results go some way to try and reduce the 'them and us' mentality about the topic that can lead to stigma, and perhaps prevents some people from seeking help, or talking about what they're going through when they need to."

The research also revealed that of the people who admitted to experiencing difficulties, 69% had taken at least one step that saw them try to isolate themselves from the outside world or mask how they were feeling, rather than facing up to what was happening.

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"I know what it's like to suffer from mental health issues, luckily for me work was extremely helpful and for managers to be aware and supportive of mental health issues is paramount" - Tony Dure, London