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Mental health services a 'car crash'

Mental health services in the UK are in crisis, because the Health Secretary is not taking the problems seriously, a healthcare leader has claimed. 

Professor Sue Bailey, outgoing president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) said that mental health services are in England are a “car crash”. 

Professor Bailey said that although Jeremy Hunt had a basic understanding of mental health, it had not been made a priority. 

According to Professor Bailey, the government's reforms have “worked against” mental health services because of the way they are funded. 

She told BBC News: “The sums of money that could make a difference are not huge, but they could make a large difference.” 

Investigations by BBC News and Community Care showed funding cuts to mental health trusts and children's mental health services. 

Professor Bailey will be stepping down as RCP president later this week following three years in the role.