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Mid Staffs whistleblower given award

Former CQC inspector Amanda Pollard will be recognised for her part in exposing the organisation's negligent inspection methods. 

Pollard was one of the key figures in exposing the poor level of care at Mid Staffordshire Hospital. 

She later gave evidence to the Francis Inquiry into the serious problems between January 2005 and March 2009, which the CQC and NHS had failed to correct. 

Pollard tried to alert CQC management to her concerns and warned that the way inspecitions were carried out meant inspectors were often asked to look at sectors in which they had no knowledge. 

“When the CQC introduced their new methodology for inspections, inspectors were quite worried. Our concerns were founded, but no-one wanted to listen,” said Pollard. 

“It will be two years in November that I appeared at the Inquiry, and this time has been more difficult than I expected. It makes this recognition by the International Whistleblowing Research Network Conference particularly gratifying. I am very surprised and overwhelmed by this award, and hope that I can raise the profile about the difficulties of whistleblowing.”