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Midwives "angry" over pay award

The government has been warned that midwives feel "angry, demoralised and undervalued" after their pay award was staged, reducing its value to less than 2%.

And the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) said that a staffing "crisis" in the profession has been made worse by this year's decision over pay.

A review body had recommended that there should be a 2.5% pay increase for NHS staff, including midwives, but the government decided to award it in two stages.

As a result of that decision the value of the award was effectively reduced to 1.9%.

Extra money was later offered to help towards midwives' professional fees, but the college's governing council rejected the offer, although it did add that it would not be taking any industrial action.

Karlene Davis, general secretary of the RCM, said: "The government has picked the pockets of midwives who feel insulted by the offer.

"It has left the profession feeling angry, demoralised and under-valued.

"We will shortly be submitting our evidence for next year's pay award, and I am telling the government that this time we and our members will not be rolled over."

Royal College of Midwives

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"I cannot believe that in the present climate, with so much publicity and the general public on side, that the RCM have again sold us short. Who will come into this profession now? We are in serious danger of dying out. The government is just waiting for an opportunity to bring on the obstetric nurse and do away with us once and for all. Gee thanks RCM" -  Jackie Davies, Nuneaton

"Yet again the RCM has sold us down the stream. When are they going to represent midwives' views instead of bowing down to government/management pressures?" - Alison Gordon, Birmingham