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Midwives to test CO levels of mums-to-be

Midwives in North Warwickshire are to test the levels of carbon monoxide in pregnant women's bodies in a bid to protect the health of mother and child.

A simple breath test can detect the level of carbon monoxide in a mother's body that can potentially harm the baby's development.

If a test reveals harmful levels of carbon monoxide, Warwickshire PCT's Stop Smoking Service will offer support to the mother in either giving up smoking or making her home smoke free.

Jane Wright, Warwickshire PCT's Stop Smoking Service Manager, said: “Research shows that women who smoke are less likely to carry their babies to full-term with a 26% increased risk they will miscarry or experience a stillbirth.

“The test is a way to help mothers do all they can to ensure a healthy start in life for their baby.

“We hope by offering free help and support as well as nicotine-replacement products such as patches or gum to pregnant women, more of them will be encouraged to stop and to make their home a smoke-free, baby-friendly zone.”

Warwickshire primary care trust