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Missing eye tests risk for depression

Older people who do not regularly have their eyes tested risk depression and feeling isolated and vulnerable, research shows.

This week is National Eye Week and the Eyecare Trust have commissioned a new report "Sight after Sixty" that has found one in three OAPs miss out on regular sight checks.

More than 4 million OAPS across the UK miss their NHS sight tests despite half saying their vision restricts their daily routine.

Iain Anderson, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, comments: "Good vision is so often a key factor in the elderly maintaining their dignity and independence.

"A simple sight test could help improve the quality of life for millions of pensioners. It's unforgivable that elderly people are left feeling depressed and vulnerable when sight loss in older people is often avoidable."

Further research has shown how 75% of older people who suffer a fall as a result of poor vision have easily correctable sight.

Iain Anderson adds: "If you're aged 60 or over, make sure you have regular eye examinations on the NHS."

Eyecare Trust