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Mixed views over social care support

One in ten people under the care of social care staff either feel life is ‘bad', ‘very bad', or ‘so bad it can't get any worse'.

The NHS Information Centre surveyed more than 60,000 people over the age of 18 who receive wholly or partially-fund support from social services.

The Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey, England 2010-11 revealed 62% are ‘extremely' or ‘very' satisfied with the care and support services they receive, while 3% are ‘dissatisfied'.

Over half (57%) of those surveyed said the way they are helped and treated makes them think and feel better about themselves, yet 11% claim their treatment “sometimes or completely undermines the way they think and feel”.

The results give cause for thought - as while they show the majority of those responding to the survey are happy with the care they receive, there are noticeable minorities that have low views both of the service they receive and aspects of their life,” said NHS Information Centre chief executive Tim Straughan.

It is compelling to note that, for example, 10% of respondents feel life is bad, very bad or so bad it could not be worse, and 11% say the way they are helped and treated sometimes or completely undermines the way they think and feel.

While the majority of respondents (62%) feel as safe as they want, 5% feel less than ‘adequately safe' and 2% do not feel safe at all.

NHS Information Centre