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MMR immunisations on the rise

The percentage of the English child population immunised against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) by their second birthday continues to rise and is closing on the percentage high seen in the mid-1990s, an NHS Information Centre report shows today.

According to NHS Immunisation Statistics, England 2010-11, in 2010-11 89.1% of children in England had received the MMR vaccine by their second birthday, compared to 88.2% in 2009-10. The report also shows the reported percentage of children vaccinated against other diseases is growing.

After a low of 79.9% in 2003-4, the reported percentage of children immunised against MMR has increased in most years. However, the current figure is still slightly lower than in the mid-1990s when over 90% of children received the vaccine, and remains below the World Health Organization (WHO) target of more than 95%.

Regionally in England, the highest percentage of children at two years vaccinated for MMR was in the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority (SHA) at 91.5%. The lowest percentage was in London SHA at 83.8%.

“While there is understandable interest in MMR, today's report also shows the percentage of children in England immunised with other vaccines, against diseases like meningitis C, diphtheria, tetanus and polio, has also risen.”

NHS Information Centre