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Modernise our regulation, urges NMC

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have pleaded for legislation to improve their regulation, in a statement released today.


The NMC has issued its response to a report, Rethinking regulation,by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), which calls for increased transparency, and a rebuilding of trust between professionals, the public and regulators.


The report also suggests that there needs to be a “proper risk assessment model” and “real responsibility where it lies with the people who manage and deliver care”.


In response Jackie Smith, NMC chief executive and registrar, said: “We have been pressing both the previous and current governments for a bill that would modernise how we regulate the 683,000 nurses and midwives on our register. We welcome any contribution that furthers this debate. 


“It is widely accepted that our current legal framework is clumsy and outdated and does not serve the professions we regulate, or the public well,” she added.


The NMC's 2015-2020 strategy sets out an aim to focus more on prevention than responding to concerns. 


“We have made significant improvements to how we do that, and the results are evident but there is more to do. We can only do that with new legislation,” she urged the government.