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More than half of over-50s are overweight

More than half of people over 50 describe themselves as overweight, a survey has found.

Of those questioned, 52% of those aged 50 or more admitted they were overweight, while the figure for those under 50 was reported at 40%.

Only one in ten people over 50 exercise five times a week or more, while a third admit to doing no exercise whatsoever.

The survey, conducted by insurance provider Saga, also identified possible reasons for these statistics.

Almost a third attribute their lack of excercise to them lacking the motivation to be active, while a fifth simply said they were "too lazy" and 12% claimed to be "too busy".

Amongst the exercise performed by this age group, walking was found to be the most popular, followed by swimming and cycling.

The main reason given for exercising was to improve overall fitness, with 74% giving this a their reason for being active, with 45% using exercise to control their weight.

It is not all bad news for the over-50s, however. A third of older people eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, compared to just under a fifth of younger people.