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More men attending contraceptive clinics

More men are visiting NHS contraceptive clinics than they have in the past decade, figures show.

This year 117,000 men visited NHS community contraception clinics, an increase of 48% over the last decade.

Figures from the Information Centre also reveal that most of the women attending clinics were aged between 16 and 19 years of age.

Oral contraception remains the most popular form of contraception among women, accounting for 46% of female contraceptive use.

However, there is also an increasing number of women opting for long-lasting reversible contraceptives such as implants and the injection.

Tim Straughan, The Information Centre's acting chief executive, said: "Today's statistics show how NHS community contraception clinics and clinics run by the voluntary sector play an important role in providing a wide range of contraception services for both men and women and it is interesting to see that an increasing number of men are now using these services."

The Information Centre