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More over-45s with STIs: charity

The number of over-45s being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection in the UK has doubled in the space of almost 10 years, the Family Planning Association has revealed.

Lots of men and women in that age group are "apparently oblivious" to the necessity of using condoms and having safe sex with new people, usually after just finishing long-term relationships.

The sexual health charity said it analysed data which showed that nearly 13,000 adults over 45 had an STI in 2009, twice the number for 2000.

Apparently more men in that age group than 16-19 year olds were diagnosed with genital herpes during last year.

Around 5,000 men and women over 45 also had genital warts.

And the number of women over 45 with chlamydia increased 95% since 2000, according to the figures.

The charity said calls to its helpline from over-45s worried about sexual health have increased in volume by almost a third over just three years.

Now it has started a campaign, The Middle-age Spread, to highlight the increased infection rate among older people.

The charity's Julie Bentley said: "There is very little sexual health information and services for this age group and current campaigns, however good, are exclusively for the young."

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