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More staff could cut mental health nurse attacks

Attacks on mental health nurses could be greatly reduced by employing more staff, say health union Unite.

Unite say that the recent report emphasising attacks on mental health workers brings into stark relief the valuable work of these nurses and the real physical dangers that they face.

The NHS's own staff survey reports that 40% of all health service employees have faced physical violence or the threat of violence.

The survey also found that mental health nurses often work up to six hours unpaid overtime a week.

Unite Head of Health, Kevin Coyne said: "This evidence makes it clear that more needs to be done to tackle this frightening level of intimidation and the employment of more frontline staff could help reduce this tidal wave of violence.

"Employees need to feel that they can do their jobs with dignity and without fear."

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“I have been working in this country as a Practice Nurse for seven years. In my country I had a lovely experience working with mental health people. Here, I sometimes have the opportunity to have contact with people who have a mental illness. They need help and full support lives are sometime so hard to cope. All professionals should have good preparation and friendly support from Government to help all those who are in need” - Maria Lucia Gouveia