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More support needed for children with migraine

Poor support for schoolchildren with migraine is having a long-term effect on their education, a charity has warned. 

Failure to help students with the condition affects their self-confidence, emotional development and their educational achievement, the Migraine Trust said. 

Many pupils are denied access to medication during a migraine attack, lack help to catch up on missed work and often face disciplinary measures it was claimed. 

“As a member of the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance, we strongly urge the government to tackle this failure and impose statutory responsibilities on schools to support the health and wellbeing of children with medical needs,” Hannah Verghese, advocacy and policy manager at The Migraine Trust said. 

The Health Conditions in Schools Alliance is calling on the government to strengthen the Children and Families bill to “ensure that children with health conditions get the same school experience as their peers. 

The bill, currently under committee discussion in the House of Commons, does not include any regulations for schools to look after children with a health conditions. 

Schools should have statutory responsibilities to support the health and well being of children, the Alliance has said. 

The government has yet to comment.