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Most syphilis cases "since 1952"

A new report examining the sexual health of people in Scotland has discovered that cases of syphilis have reached their highest annual total in the country since 1952.

Specialist sexual health clinics in 2008 diagnosed 264 cases of the infectious disease - up from the previous year's 249 cases.

The findings were discovered in a study produced by two divisions of the NHS - Health Protection Scotland and the Information Services Division.

It also showed that almost three-quarters of all cases of chlamydia are diagnosed in under-25s.

There were 19,054 cases of the disease diagnosed across Scotland in 2008, and 72% of these were in those aged under 25 - despite this group making only 13% of the country's population.

Figures also showed that 59% of cases of genital warts and 61% of all diagnoses of gonorrhoea were in this age group.

Dr Lesley Wallace, of Health Protection Scotland, said: "Whilst we have noted increases in testing and diagnoses, there are still those who remain undiagnosed, thus, more testing is required to ensure appropriate treatment, to reduce the risk of transmission, and to avoid the development of any complications."

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