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MPs criticise NHS records plan

MPs have criticised an IT system designed to integrate NHS patient care records, saying it is unworkable and has wasted millions of pounds.

Some £6.4bn has been spent on the £11bn National Programme for IT so far, including £2.7bn on patient records.

However, the Commons Public Accounts Committee said although the plan had a "worthwhile aim", it was "beyond the capacity of the department to deliver".

The MPs said the new system was "significantly" behind schedule and that the costs had added up.

They added that the Department of Health could have avoided some of the issues and waste by consulting with healthcare professionals when the project was launched back in 2002.

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"I remember the warning signs being put to the Blair government that this was not going to work and is was going to cost an absolute fortune. No one took any notice, the people who have continued to push this doomed scheme should be sued" - Marie, Lancs

"We have a system in place, not all GPs have got it, through their own choice, we continue to dupilcate everything and audit everything although these are documented on this system biggest waste of money, and we have hand held devices we cannot use most of the time as we have no signals, heaven help us when the GPs take over" - Name and address supplied

"There is nothing that has changed over the years, healthcare professionals are never given any say but treated like zombies. I bet the penalties now will be place on nurses. The primary healthcare and secondary healthcare need to all start using the same computer system and stop wasting money for training for different systems" - Comfort, London

"The record system would be great if all GP practices and hospitals were singing from the same hymn sheet instead we have different systems all over the place and we are unable to access them for patient care" - Carole Rolland, Uttlesford