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MS sufferers lack work support

The government must do more to increase work opportunities for MS sufferers, a report has said.

The Work Foundation said people with MS are missing out on an estimated 18 years of their working lives, with a lack of support contributing to the 'needless' loss.

It said enhancing work opportunities and support for people with MS provides benefits for all, improving the life of those affected and making big savings in the welfare bill.

The Work Foundation called on companies to be more aware of issues facing people with MS, with sufferers often reluctant to tell their employers about their condition, meaning they miss out on interventions such as flexible working and modifications to the workplace.

The report's author, Stephen Bevan, said: "The UK is not doing enough to support people with MS to stay in work. At present, 44% of people with MS retire early - many more than the European average of 35%."

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