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Multiple birth care guide launched

A guide has been launched to help prepare parents of newborn twins or triplets for the fact that they may need specialist care.

The information has been provided by the Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) and the charity Bliss, to keep parents informed of the fact that medical help may need to be provided to their children after they have been born.

It comes as research from Tamba reveals that one in five people who have multiple births are not warned that the first few days and weeks of twins and triplets lives may involve extra care.

Almost 700 parents were questioned for the survey, which found that 21% who had babies in the last 18 months were unprepared for the chance that they would be born premature, or require care in a neonatal unit.

Of those, 54% were in a situation where one or more baby needed specialist attention.

Many of the respondents revealed that the experience left them frightened or traumatised.

Tamba Chief Executive, Keith Reed, said: "It appears that some health professionals, on occasion, forget to advise expectant parents of multiples that their babies may need treatment in a neonatal unit.

"In other instances, parents may have been told but not picked up on the fact.

"Either way, the point needs stressing, and ideally more than once. It's such a simple thing that can make an enormous difference to families."

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