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Music CD to reduce hep C infection

The Department of Health (DH) has launched a music CD in the hope of raising hepatitis C awareness among the South Asian community.

The CD, initiated as a part of the DH "FaCe It" campaign, mixes music from popular Asian artists with advice from healthcare professionals.

As emerging evidence demonstrates that hepatitis C is most common among people of South Asian decent, it is hoped the CD will improve understanding of how the virus is transmitted, diagnosed, treated and prevented.

Consultant Physician Dr Shahid Khan at St Mary's Hospital and Hammersmith Hospital in London believes the CD is a "great tool to communicate with the South Asian community and enables us to meet the stigma attached to the virus head on."

The "My Story" CD has been recorded in both English and Urdu and will be distributed through Asian businesses and organisations as part of a pilot project throughout the summer.

Chariman of Trustees for the South Asian Health Foundation Dr Kiran Patel is hopeful this is a step in the right direction: "I hope 'My Story' will encourage more Asian people to consider whether they may have been at risk of contracting hepatitis C and to get themselves tested."

In collaboration with the CD launch, the DH has revamped its hepatitis C website to make information more accessible.

Click here to visit the new DH Hepatitis C website.

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