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National Eczema Week to raise awareness

Today marks the beginning of National Eczema Week, which aims to raise awareness of the impact eczema has on people's lives, especially children.

Ecezma has been on the increase for the past 20 years and today affects one in five children of school age and one in 12 adults.

A British Skin Foundation survey shows that dermatologists have noticed a 27% increase in child eczema over the last year alone.

Statistics show that 52% of carers of children feel they have non control over their child's condition and 23% never get a good night's sleep.

A spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation says that eczema can cause children to suffer emotionally as well as physically, adding: "It can affect the child's self esteem and lead to tiredness and irritability through lack of sleep due to the condition, which all impacts on the child's quality of life."

Eczema can also have an "enormous effect" on the whole family.

The British Skin Foundation's Childhood Eczema Fund hopes to raise money for research into childhood eczema.

British Skin Foundation