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New award for "excellent" primary practices

The NHS Alliance has created a new prestigious award to recognise excellence in patient care.

The "President's Award" will be granted to the primary care team who can "think outside the box" and also demonstrate excellence in patient care and solid achievements.

NHS Alliance President Professor Chris Drinkwater said: "The reward is for all that excellent work that doesn't fit into our existing Acorn Awards - perhaps in areas we haven't even thought of.

"There is a saying in general practice that if you ask questions, all you get is answers. For instance, if you ask how he or she is sleeping, the patient will answer that question, but might not tell you about something else that is significant."

The Alliance say applications are welcome from everyone who believes they have a good project or have created "lasting worthwhile changes".

The closing date for applications is 14 September 2007.

"The President's Award is for all that important and excellent work that we didn't ask questions about," says Professor Drinkwater.

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