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New blood test to detect breast cancer

A new diagnostic blood test is to be launched next year to detect early stage breast cancer.

Nurse Consultant at Breast Cancer Care Dr Emma Pennery says that the test will be of particular interest to younger women, but it should be remembered that 80% of all breast cancers are diagnosed in women aged over 50 years.

“From speaking to women on our Helpline, Breast Cancer Care knows that any new way of improving detection rates of breast cancer would be welcomed,” she says.

“Any younger women found to be at a high risk of breast cancer, either through significant family history or as a carrier of the BRACA 1 or 2 gene, will receive annual magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests, which are effective in detecting breast cancers in younger women.

“Regardless of age, it is vital that all women remain breast aware throughout their life by knowing how their breasts look and feel normally, and by reporting any changes direct to their GP.”

Breast Cancer Care