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New cancer fight treatment launched

The Christie Radiotherapy Centre at Salford Royal Hospital has launched the Novalis Tx, a new radiosurgery system for the treatment of cancer.

The latest system offers non-invasive treatment for a wide range of malignancies and other potentially debilitating conditions.

It employs powerful, highly accurate beams of radiation, which precisely target cancerous cells while not harming nearby healthy tissue, helping treat tumours without the need for traditional surgery.

The system can destroy tumours in one 20-minute session, increasing the number of patients who can be treated in a single day.

The Novalis Tx will offer fresh hope to several patients suffering from brain tumour or that of the spine, which were earlier believed to be untreatable.

Rachel Good, Christie radiotherapy manager for the new centre, said: "The Novalis Tx was the perfect choice for the centre because it will help the Christie treat more patients by switching between specialised radiosurgery for tumours in the brain to standard radiotherapy for other cancers of the body.

"In our first year we are looking to treat 720 patients with the Novalis Tx, 120 of which will be priority brain tumour patients where precise, non-invasive treatment is particularly effective."

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