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New data demonstrate advanced features of wound dressings

Researchers with ConvaTec Wound Therapeutics presented a series of in vitro studies demonstrating the advanced features and fluid handling capacity of the company’s proprietary dressings containing Hydrofiber® Technology this week at the 19th Conference of the European Wound Management Association.
Developed by ConvaTec, a world-leading provider of innovative medical technologies for community and hospital care, dressings containing Hydrofiber® Technology, including AQUACEL® and Versiva® XC™ dressing, gel on contact with wound fluid to provide a moist wound healing environment, manage exudate, protect the periwound skin and reduce pain in situ and on removal.

With the inclusion of ionic silver, AQUACEL® Ag dressing provides on demand antimicrobial activity, responding to increased bacteria with increased silver ion availability.
In the laboratory studies presented, researchers demonstrated a range of beneficial properties enabled by the unique gelling action of Hydrofiber® Technology. In one test comparing the fluid absorption and retention capabilities of AQUACEL® dressing against three alginates, researchers found the dressing containing Hydrofiber® Technology absorbed more fluid and, when under pressure, retained a higher proportion of fluid than the alginate dressings.
A further laboratory test showed how the ability of Hydrofiber® Technology to conform and contour to irregular wound surfaces could reduce wound bioburden, and may make dressing application and removal easier and less painful.   
“As these and other studies have demonstrated, the unique gelling action of Hydrofiber® Technology drives the performance of ConvaTec advanced dressings, absorbing and ‘locking in’ exudate and its harmful components and contouring closely to uneven wound surfaces,” said Michael Lydon, Vice President, Global Research and Development.