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New I-test Vision Screener

More than two million people in the UK are at risk of losing their sight through treatable eye conditions, and approximately one in five school-age children have sight problems. Yet, every year 12.5 million people in the UK who need to, do not have a regular eye test.

This can affect quality of life and general health in many ways with direct cost implications on both the part of patients and cost of treatment to the NHS.

By encouraging more people to have more regular eye tests this situation can be reversed.

Currently the only tool available is the Snellen eye chart and this was developed for distance vision 150 years ago - it is not a measure of all visual function.

I-test Vision Screener is a real innovation in eye-care at the primary healthcare level. With this single piece of equipment a healthcare professional can screen for the most common vision defects within minutes and know whether the patient needs to be referred to an optician for a full eye test. Screening for both long and short-sightedness can be performed in natural circumstances, with different light conditions and at different distances.

I-test Vision Screener is very simple to use and does not require any power source. It combines the technology of a range of precision molded plastic lenses in two optical disks. Handheld like a pair of binoculars, the patient looks through the lens window and rotates the optical disk wheels on each side until he or she can see as clearly as possible. I-test can use a natural reference point, optotypes on a chart, a reading test, television screen or PC.

With an optical range of -4 to +4 dioptres for each optical disk, I-test Vision Screener has been classified as a Class 1 Medical Device by the Department of Health, Medicines and Health products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), intended as a screening tool before referring the patient to an optician for a full eye test.

I-test Vision Screener was invented in Norway by a GP responsible for medicals for commercial pilots. He realised the importance of finding a simple and affordable vision screener that not only disclosed the need for correction but could also indicate refraction on all distances.

Why not use the normal (Snellen) eye chart? As far as is known, no similar personal vision screener exists on the market and this is confirmed by links already established with prominent distributors.

Outside of the professional opticians consulting rooms and the high-cost capital equipment there is only the Snellen eye chart at the more "public" level, ie, doctor's surgeries/health clinics.

Currently there are not any comparisons with the Snellen chart, but a lot of information exists that highlights the shortcomings of the chart. It was developed 150 years ago to test "distance" vision, but it is not a measure of all visual function. It has been reported that there are quite a few patients who have excellent vision in a doctor's office when they are looking at a very high-contrast chart, but they may not have that kind of vision in real life. The chart is not a measure of all visual function. How well a child sees at twenty feet has little to do with how his or her vision functions at the reading and learning distance - approximately 11 to 16 inches from the face.

The I-test Vision Screener can be used under natural circumstances, with different light conditions and at different distances.

"Healthcare professionals are under increasing time and cost pressures and, coupled with the demands of the current government policy, I-test Vision Screener offers a way for them to make a real difference to eye care quickly and easily. It's a major innovation for the rimary care sector which will help to address the issues of visual impairment," says Gain Refoy, Head of Operations for the Vision Company AS and UK Limited.

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The I-test professional vision screener is priced at £99.50.
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