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New pack launched to help stakeholders promote sensible drinking

A new resource pack, Every Unit Counts, has been launched as part of the Know Your Limits campaign to help stakeholders promote sensible drinking messages at a local level. 

The pack contains information about binge drinking and unit consumption, myth busting facts and figures, and sensible drinking tips, together with ideas for community-based action and forging cross-sector partnerships with relevant professional bodies.

Know Your Limits, a joint Department of Health and Home Office campaign, was launched in October 2006 to encourage 18-24-year-olds to drink responsibly and be aware of the possible serious consequences of drinking to excess. The Every Unit Counts pack (Ref: 278583) forms part of a suite of new resources for health professionals.

Other materials include:

  • Campaign leaflets - to remind different audiences about steps they can take towards sensible drinking:
    • Under 25s: Drinking, you and your mates - How much is too much?  Ref: 277505
    • Pregnancy and alcohol - How much is too much when you're having a baby?  Ref: 277507
    • Adults: drinking and you - How much is too much?  Ref: 277506
  • Hard-hitting black and white campaign posters:
    • Violent crime - 44% of all violent crime is alcohol related. Ref: 278023
    • Sexual assault - One in three rapes happens when the victim has been drinking. Ref: 278021
    • Pedestrian death - 80% of pedestrian deaths on a Friday and Saturday night are alcohol related. Ref: 278022
  • Colour posters supporting the national TV advert:
    • Male hero to zero graphic. Ref: 278019
    • Female hero to zero graphic. Ref: 278018
  • Credit card sized unit counter and dispenser (handy wallet size for quick reference). Ref: 277508

All resources can be ordered free of charge from the Department of Health orderline on 08701 555455 or by email (please quote the relevant reference number). Further information about campaign resources can be found at