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New self-care guides for prostate cancer patients

Interactive self-management guides to help men address the symptoms and side effects of prostate cancer from their homes, have been released by Prostate Cancer UK.

Erectile dysfunction, urinary problems and fatigue are common side effects of prostate cancer treatment and many men report that they find it difficult to talk about these issues with their GP or family members.

The patients are asked a series of questions and are then presented with practical tips and new ways to deal with any issues, as well as several films of real life stories from others who have been through similar experiences. The series includes a fatigue diary, which can help patients determine the best time of day for them to initiate exercise or activity.

The guides focus on essential, practical steps that men can take to improve their health and wellbeing, such as setting goals to be more physically active or getting tips on how to talk to health professionals.

The guides, available here, include:

  • How to manage sex and relationships
  • How to manage fatigue
  • How to manage urinary problems
  • How to manage symptoms and side effects of advanced prostate cancer
  • How to manage chronic prostatitis

Minal Smith, health information officer for Prostate Cancer UK, said: 'All too often many men shy away from talking about prostate cancer and the side effects they experience because of embarrassment. Many adopt a stiff upper lip attitude and often suffer in silence.

'These guides provide health professionals with a useful resource to signpost patients to following their treatment so that they can find out more about the disease and how to manage symptoms and side effects when it’s right for them, in an environment that’s right for them.

'The guides encourage men to think about their own situation and take control by providing in-depth and easy to use information on issues they may be struggling to deal with.'