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New strain of norovirus detected

A new strain of norovirus has hit England and Wales, it has been revealed.

The strain, dubbed Sydney 2012, has recently become the dominant version of the infection as reported by sufferers.

Testing carried out in October 2012 by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) revealed a variety of strains of the infection were circulating, however, Sydney 2012 has since overtaken other variants. 

It is claimed the new strain does not cause more serious illness than other types of norovirus. 

Dr David Brown, director of Virology Reference Department at the HPA said, “It is always difficult to predict the norovirus season and this year is no different. Noroviruses mutate rapidly and new strains are constantly emerging.” 

“There is no specific treatment for norovirus infection other than to let the illness take its course, with symptoms usually lasting around two days.”

The Sydney 2012 strain was first seen in Australia, but has also been seen in France, New Zealand and Japan.