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New study set to tackle obesity

An international study to tackle childhood obesity has been announced.

More than 17,000 children from 10 countries in Europe will be studied over a five-year trial to be led from the University of Glasgow.

By recording diet and lifestyle patterns of the youngsters, scientists hope to develop strategies to reduce childhood obesity.

Dr Yannis Pitsiladis, of the University of Glasgow's faculty of biomedical and life sciences, who is leading the study, said: "Obesity is one of the major healthcare challenges facing the western world today.

"One of the most worrying trends in scenario is the increase in obesity among our children. To stop the epidemic of diet and lifestyle-induced morbidity in European children, action needs to be taken. This study is part of the reaction to the obesity epidemic."

The Identification and Prevention of Dietary and Lifestyle-induced health effects in Children and Infants study has been funded by the European Commission with the first phase taking place in Glasgow.

"Once this five-year project ends, it will have produced useful and practical information to help children achieve a healthy lifestyle and reduce their risk of obesity and associated conditions either in childhood or later in life," Dr Pitsiladis added.

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