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New survey reveals parents want more help from nurses

A new survey by the National Eczema Society and Oilatum Junior recently questioned over 300 parents to find out the true impact of childhood eczema on family life in the UK.

The results highlighted some shocking statistics and revelations from parents, and revealed that many feel there isn't enough information on childhood eczema available to them from medical professionals. Thirty-four percent of parents questioned said they had never received information from their GP or practice nurse on how to manage their child's eczema.
In light of this information, Oilatum Junior with the help of the National Eczema Society and parenting expert Sue Atkins (best-selling author of Raising Happy Children for Dummies) has published a new booklet entitled "Taking Control of Your Child's Eczema". The booklet contains lots of reassuring information, parenting tips and advice on the management of eczema to help parents feel more in control of their child's condition. The booklet is free to download online at:
Further results from the survey uncover the devastating effects childhood eczema can have on the family dynamic. Although it is a common problem, it seems many parents are in crisis behind closed doors. For example:

  • 15% (one in six) mums questioned say that it has made them reconsider having any more children in case they have eczema too.
  • 20% stated that their child had been bullied because of their eczema.
  • One in three mums said that their child suffering from eczema has had a massive impact on family life.
  • One in three admits the stress caused by eczema results in regular family arguments.
  • One in six children have to forego activities that other kids take for granted like swimming, sleepovers or trips to the beach.