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New swine flu advert launched

A major press and radio campaign has been launched in Wales to remind people of the symptoms of swine flu and what they should do if they have them.

The campaign complements thousands of leaflets distributed to homes across the country earlier this year.

The adverts gives advice on how to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading swine flu through good hand and respiratory hygiene.

By launching the campaign at the height of the tourist season, health officials say visitors to Wales will have information on where to go if they fall ill.

Latest figures show the number of people contacting their GP with flu-like symptoms has fallen, but officials say fluctuations are to be expected and a new wave of sufferers will occur over the coming months.

Dr Jane Wilkinson, Wales' Deputy Chief Medical Officer, said in order to prepare for the predicted increase of patients, existing health services are being strengthened such as "training more call handlers for NHS Direct Wales".

Wales, along with Scotland and Northern Ireland, decided not to join the National Flu Pandemic Flu Service in order to cope with increased demands on health services.

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