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New tool to tackle childhood obesity

A new CD has been launched to help nurses battle the rising tide of childhood obesity.

The CD Rom will be distributed to some 800 health workers in the West Midlands, including health visitors and school nurses.

It hopes to offer nurses a "one-stop shop" for information about childhood obesity with links to websites, resources, journals and training programmes and courses.

The venture will also provide practical help, such as how to advise cooking healthy meals on a low budget.

University of Wolverhampton lecturer Sarah Sherwin: "Childhood obesity affects everybody and is everybody's business, from health workers to sports staff - and is getting worse.

"It is a problem across the country and at all levels of society. There is not just one professional group that can deal with this - working together is crucial."

Its creators hope the CR Rom will be a networking source that promotes a preventative approach.

Sarah Sherwin adds: "We want to ensure that people are supported to get things right from day one."

University of Wolverhampton

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"I feel this should also be available to Practice Nurses who see children for immunisations and asthma reviews. Health visitors only see under-fives and school nurses are a little 'thin on the ground' in my experience" - PN Stalybridge