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NHS Choices endorses Slimming World

The NHS Choices website has chosen Slimming World as its only commercial sector organisation represented on their healthy living website.

People searching for weight management support will be able to access information about Slimming World groups on the internet and from public libraries.

Working in partnership with health professionals, including primary care trusts, Slimming World offers subsidised group membership to patients seeking weight management support.

Jacquie Lavin, Slimming World nutritionist, said: "Slimming World's inclusion on the NHS Choices website is a result of many years of intensive research and scientific evaluation of our methods and how we successfully help members to lose weight and change their lifestyle."

Paul Nukki, NHS Choices editor, added: "There has been a proliferation of health-related websites in the past couple of years, and some of them inevitably will give misleading, or in some cases advice that is not medically advisable. Weight loss is a key example of this.

"NHS Choices caters for the growing number of people that are seeking advice online by providing NHS-accredited advice, which is interesting and easy to use."

NHS Choices

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"My mother has lost 3.5 stones this year following a Slimming World eating plan. This is following 30 years of yo-yo dieting, which left her heavier than when she started. She now eats a lot more fruit and veg than before and has stopped eating microwave meals altogether. Following her success my sister has also lost 2 stones, I have lost 10lbs and my 17 year-old daughter feels that she has gained valuable lessons in nutrition from the meal plans" - Name and address suplied