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NHS Direct beats government targets

NHS Direct say they have recorded their best ever performance this June since the Christmas 2006 launch.

The NHS figures for June 2007 exceed all cover access, response times and clinical sorting targets set by the Department of Health (DH).

"These figures show that we are providing an exceptional level of service to callers, enabling them to receive rapid and appropriate health advice at the end of a telephone, 24 hours a day," says Chief Operating Officer Mike Sadler.

"The public has consistently demonstrated its appreciation of our service, but we are looking to continually improve the way in which we meet the needs of all our users."

Last month NHS Direct answered 467,000 calls and picked up 98% within 60 seconds, breaking the 95% DH target.

Of the calls received, NHS Direct completed the care for 48% without referral.

Only a week into his new job, NHS Direct Chief Executive Matt Tee said: "I am delighted that our performance is now at record levels, and we will look to build on that.

"I believe our figures, which are publicly available, exceed those achieved by other providers.

NHS Direct

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" I have worked for NHS Direct for 8 years. We are an island drifting ever further away from clinical practice and the rest of the NHS. Help! No wonder we are over-cautious and depend on the software. Staff don't stay because they want a satisfying career not a job as a data monkey. Nothing wrong with telephone triage but we need to be part of frontline services. We are wasting resources and duplicating services instead by misdirecting people" - Lynn, Durham

"If NHS Direct is doing so well, then why is the East Midlands NHSD been told that they will have to close?" - S Olive, London

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