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NHS Direct launch "Ask About Medicines" week

NHS Direct have launched their "Ask About Medicines Week" hoping to encourage children and young people to learn about the medicines they use.

Spanning from 5 to 9 November NHS Direct are encouraging children to ask questions and seek answers through their online health encyclopaedia and common health questions section of the NHS Direct website.

If visitors to the site have a particular medical enquiry they can also email a question to the NHS Direct health information team.

Anne Jousha, Associate Director of Pharmacy at NHS Direct, said: "Helping your child to take their medicine as it prescribed by your doctor can be a great challenge.

"The Ask About Medicines campaign this year has particularly highlighted how parents or carers and school teachers can support their children with their medicines.

"This week should highlight how children can be supported and encouraged to take responsibility for their treatment as they grow up."

NHS Direct

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"Be open and honest about medication to a child. Let them know what part of the body the medicine affects and how it can help them stay well or feel better. Draw child picture and let them colour it in ( eg blue lungs for blue inhaler). Many adults take regular medications without knowing what they are for, let alone what they are called. Many children are one step ahead because of their natural enquiring minds" - Caroline Stephens, Practice Nurse

"Keep inhalers that need to be taken twice a day by the tooth brush so that they are remembered and residue is immediately rinsed from mouth" - Name and address supplied