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NHS Evidence: the latest information at your fingertips

On 30 April 2009, a new service was made available for everyone working in health and social care. NHS Evidence is a single portal through which health professionals can search for information to improve patient care, commissioning and even service management ...

Angela Nonis
Programme Manager - Communications
NHS Evidence
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

NHS Evidence, the vision of Lord Darzi, was first announced in his Next Stage Review. It aims to provide good-quality information to help inform practice.

The frustrations of clinicians searching on Google or trawling through any number of NHS websites to find good-quality information were recognised by Lord Darzi, who asked the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to set up a new service to make things easier and more efficient.
The result is a powerful search engine that provides a gateway to health and social care information. Designed to be easy to use, healthcare professionals can search for specific terms or browse information headings via menu lists, for example, public health, drugs and treatments or commissioning.

The first release of NHS Evidence incorporates new search technology helping health professionals find the information they need quickly and easily. With the second release, which follows in the autumn, users can be assured that the content will start to go through a quality assurance process. That's the premise behind a quality accreditation marque, which will signpost the best evidence.

The accreditation scheme will show users the best sources of information to inform their practice. An independent committee of health and social care professionals has been set up to make sure that accreditation remains unbiased.

The philosophy of NHS Evidence is to be inclusive. There is a wealth of information to be tapped – local, regional, national and international. NHS Evidence will be working with users to identify relevant databases that would add to the richness of the content. All content will be subjected to inclusion/exclusion criteria. This will rule in useful information and rule out any that might be biased or partial.

Future releases of NHS Evidence will provide access to practical tools and examples of best practice, as well as allowing users to personalise the online portal to facilitate specific updating mechanisms and to tailor the effectiveness of searching. To ensure NHS Evidence remains useful in a rapidly changing online world, regular feedback from users will be essential to ensure the service is subject to regular review and continuous improvement.

Available to anyone with access to the internet, in time, NHS users will be able to search NHS Evidence directly through a link on the computer on their desk.

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