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NHS to implement CNO vision of compassionate care

The NHS will drive forward a culture of compassionate care as set out by the NHS Commissioning Board's (NHS CB) chief nursing officer.

According to NHS planning guidance Everybody counts: planning for patients 2013/14, the NHS CB has pledged to play its part in encouraging safe and dignified care “that does not fall below acceptable standards”. 

The Board will implement recommendations Jane Cummings, which aims to build the culture of compassionate care, by asking commissioners to comply with recommendations relating to prevention of failures seen at Winterbourne View Hospital and at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. 

Commissioners will also be tasked with using their “contracting muscle” to penalise certain failings.

This includes imposing financial penalties where the waiting times for a referral to treatment exceeds more than 52 weeks, ensuring ambulance handovers should not take more than 15 minutes and crews should be ready to take new calls within a further 15 minutes; and enforcing a zero tolerance of MRSA and making sure there are significant reductions in Clostridum difficile.