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NHS to increase weekly rate paid to care homes by 2%

The NHS has announced that the funding given to care homes will increase by 2%.

The Governemnt stated that the increase is 'to reflect overall nursing wage pressures'.

The standard weekly rate per patient will increase from the current amount of £155.05 to £158.16 for the 2018-19 year.

The higher wekly rate will also increase by 2% from the current rate of £213.32 to £217.59 in 2018-19.

This is only relevant for people who were already on the higher rate in 2007 when the single band was introduced.

'These rates are based on the best evidence currently available to the Department of Health and Social Care on the costs of providing nursing care in the sector,' a Government spokesperson said.

The DH will undertake a full cost study of the NHS-funded nursing care rate ahead of setting the 2019 to 2020 rate, and then at least every five years to ensure that it remains accurate.