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NHS launches smoking "Quit Kit"

The NHS has launched a free Quit Kit aimed at helping smokers achieve their New Year's resolution to kick the habit.

The kit contains a range of tools that have been designed by experts and smokers to curb cravings and help quitters form new habits.

Almost half of smokers (44%) in England have once again set themselves the goal of quitting in the New Year, and this year's campaign aims to help smokers maintain their hard work and prevent them from falling into old routines once the novelty of a resolution wears off.

Public Health Minister Gillian Merron said: "The government has worked with experts and smokers to create a tailored set of tools to help everyone who wants to quit. I hope the Quit Kit will help people stop smoking for good."

Included in the kit is a "train to win" willpower assessor that helps smokers identify craving triggers; two MP3 downloads that are scientifically proven to reduce cravings; and a "tangle", which provides users with a distraction for their hands in replacement of a cigarette.

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"I think its a great son is 4 and already has me thinking I should stop and I really want to for all kinds of reasons" - Debbie Kelton, Carlisle, Cumbria