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NHS nurse with two jobs suspended

An NHS nurse who worked full time at two hospitals has been suspended from nursing for a year.

Athene Baiete-Coker, 32, was already working for the University Hospital of Wales (UHW), Cardiff, when she accepted another job with Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, in London.

The conduct and competence committee of the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard that she divided her time between the two hospitals for almost a year, but three months in it started to take its toll and she took sick, annual and special leave from one hospital to work at the other.

Ms Baiete-Coker, who moved from Sierra Leone to Cardiff with her family when she was 14, said she wanted to be in London where her fiance lived, but her mother, who lived in Cardiff, was diagnosed with a brain tumour so she had to look after her.

She told the committee: "In my culture, the eldest automatically becomes the main provider or sole provider."

Prior to the hearing Ms Baiete-Coker had pleaded guilty to five charges including false accounting, obtaining money by deception and falsifying documents at Cardiff Magistrates' Court in May 2008.

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"This is sad and I feel for this lady because she tried to work two jobs to support herself and her family. I am from Africa (South) and I know living in Western World we become more and more consumed with material things and modern technology in our homes. What happened to caring for others and helping others in desperate times? Even though we are in this situation where we suppose to be in crisis economically everything is so expensive, nothing is cheap now-a-days and
it’s hitting everyone who cannot afford to support themselves and other members of their families. I really feel for this lady it’s a shame" - M Yusuf, London

"This is sad for nursing and sadly we read more and more of it" - Kathy French, London