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NICE round up: Assessing low urinary tract symptoms in men

NICE has highlighted strategies for nurses managing and assessing low urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men.

LUTS are described by NICE as a “major burden for the ageing male population” as the prevalence of the symptoms increase as men age.

Effective management was outlined as key when dealing with LUTS.  

The guidance explains there is uncertainty in clinical practice regarding how to deal with the symptoms low urinary tract presents.

Therefore the guideline provides those in practice with a clear recommendation on assessing, diagnosing, managing, and treating LUTS.

Men presenting with LUTS should be offered an initial assessment, this should include a physical examination and a discussion of their general medical history while addressing possible causes.

Additionally, any current medication a patient may be taking should be reviewed as a possible contributor to the symptoms.

Following this, conservative management should be discussed with the patient including a diagnosis and management plan being created.

Surgery for voiding symptoms is outlined as an option in some cases of LUTS. If so, monopolar or bipolar transurethral resection of the prostate should be offered.

Providing information is also examined as key in the assessment and management of LUTS, as patients should have access to care and help for their emotional and physical needs, and should be guided to the relevant support groups.

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