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NICE round up: Attention to physical inactivity, smoking and excessive drinking raised

NICE has given advice to healthcare professionals on how to promote healthy lifestyles to patients to reduce the burden that excessive drinking, smoking and physical inactivity puts on the NHS.

The guidance provides three new quality standards to prevent hospital admissions caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

 As well as discussing how healthcare professionals, local authorities and NHS organisations can all play a part in intervening between people with these issues. 

The pressure that smoking, excessive alcohol and physical inactivity cause to the NHS is colossal, the admissions from hospital due to smoking related issues alone is on a steady increase from 3,044 in 1996 to 4,400 last year. 

Diseases caused by unhealthy living are the biggest cause of early death in Britain, so early education on health is essential.The guidance explained how two-thirds of smokers began the habit before they were 18-years of age. If healthcare professionals advise young patients on the impact physical inactivity, smoking and drinking will have on their future it may divert them towards being healthy.

Education from an early age on healthy living was considered to be key to preventing further health issues in the future that will impact the NHS and the patient. 

It is also predicted that 37,000 deaths from physical activity alone could be prevented if people were educated early on in their lives on the impacts involved. In 2012, 80,000 adults aged 35 and over died from smoking alone, which undeniably put a strain on the NHS.

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