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NICE round up: Diagnosing and managing bronchiolitis in children

NICE has identified evidence based advice on the diagnosis and management process of bronchiolitis; a common disease developed by approximately one-in-three infants during the first year of their lives, leaving 2-3% of all infants requiring hospitalisation. The guideline states that in 2009-2010 there were 72 deaths of children with bronchiolitis within 90 days of them being admitted to hospital.

Symptoms of bronchiolitis usually tend to be mild only lasting for a few days and can be managed by a parent or carer at home, but unfortunately in some cases the disease can cause more serious illnesses for a child including chronic respiratory conditions, asthma, congenital heart disease and neuromascular disorders. The risk factors have been identified as individual and environmental.

The guideline states if a young person is being moved between paediatric and adult services then the two healthcare teams should work jointly to not only give the best practice but also to plan and manage the disease and provide assessment and services to the patient. Additionally, the lead clinician should always be clarified to ensure continuity of care is consistent when managing a child with bronchiolitis.

The recommendation has identified a selection of priorities that should be implemented, ranging from diagnosis, referral, assessment, treatment and aftercare.

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