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NICE round up: Encouraging people to maintain a healthy weight can prevent further health issues

NICE has highlighted strategies for nurses to use in practice to help patients maintain a healthy weight.

For example encouraging people to monitor their own weight, improve their physical activity and dietary habits can help patients not only improve and maintain a health weight but also prevent them from high risk diseases.

Additionally clear communication and promotion of the benefits of being healthy are useful when encouraging patients to make a change. 

Overweight people are also under high risk of developing diseases. Therefore it is helpful for nurses to explain this in details with the aim to prompt a change in the patient.

For example, explaining the risk of type 2 diabetes, liver disease, hypertension, strokes, osteoarthritis and heart disease can be a useful intervention.

The guidance also highlights how nurses should acknowledge that people who are overweight or obese experience discrimination, stigmatisation and mental health problems.

Therefore consideration of this and helpful encouragement can push patients towards improving their diet and physical inactivity, which can therefore improve mental wellbeing and increase their active travel.

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