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NICE round up: Improving the experience of bladder cancer patients

NICE identified evidence that patients with bladder cancer receive a patient experience worse than patients with other cancers, additionally there is a considerable variation of the management and diagnosis of bladder cancer in the NHS.

This is an important matter as in 2011 there were 10,399 people diagnosed with bladder cancer and 5,081 deaths caused the disease.

Anyone in care of a patient suspected to be suffering from bladder cancer should consider a CT of MRI staging in order to begin a diagnosis for the patient.

Once a diagnosis has been confirmed try and offer the patient support, for example with a major cause of the disease being smoking ask the patient if they smoke, if they do, offer smoking cessation information and support.

Additionally, offer patients the contact details of a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) and ensure that the CNS is happy to act as a key person for the patient to contact when they feel distressed. The CNS has the right experience and training in bladder cancer care to deal with any enquires the patient has.

The guideline also highlights that bladder cancer is the seventh most common cancer in the UK, so it is important that patients suffering from the disease have a good patient experience and all professionals involved feel confident dealing with the patient.

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