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NICE round up: Managing diabetes during pregnancy

NICE has identified evidence based advice on the complications and management of pregnant women and women planning to become pregnant with diabetes.

The guidance areas explained include; the best diagnosing processes, treatment and new technologies that can monitor
blood glucose.

Education and advice from nurses and healthcare professionals on how diabetes is managed during pregnancy can help women feel prepared. Referring those with gestational diabetes to a dietician can help them manage their diabetes and prevent further health issues as much as possible during pregnancy.

Care after the birth is also identified as a key point. Nurses should explain the signs and symptoms of hyperglycaemia after birth. Advice on breastfeeding can also be useful. As the guidance states, medication that has been previously discontinued for safety reasons during the preconception period should be avoided.

Correct blood glucose monitoring is essential during pregnancy and after birth. With gestational diabetes still being recognised as subsequently leading to up to 50% of women being diagnoses with type 2 diabetes within five years of giving birth.

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