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NiP Awards success for Halton and St Helen's nurse team

Halton Health Visiting team, who set up a local childhood immunisation service, was awarded the Nursing in Practice Children's Health Award, sponsored by Aptamil.

The service was developed during 2008, when it was acknowledged that a backlog of children had developed in Halton and St Helens PCT who were due an appointment for their immunisations, but were waiting for the appointment due to priority being given to the scheduling of appointments for younger children by the Child Health Computer System.

A task group was formed to ensure that all children waiting for an appointment were offered one at the earliest opportunity.

The team's objectives for quality improvement within the project included to ensure that all children in the priority target group were offered an appointment to access immunisation services at the earliest opportunity and to increase uptake of pre-school vaccines, particularly MMR.
With forward planning, the further delivery of immunisation sessions in alternative venues could be sustained.  Further sessions are planned for the near future in Halton & St Helens PCT.

The team were proud to report that all the objectives were met following implementation of the project. Uptake of MMR vaccine increased by 9% and benefits were identified in the delivery of immunisation sessions in venues such as local shopping centres.