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NiP readers in herbal weight loss study

Carrie Ruxton
Independent Researcher

Between December 2005 and May 2006, 87 subjects took part in a protocol that tested the herbal weight supplement Zotrim (Nature's Remedies) for six weeks. Subjects were not asked to make any alterations to their eating habits. Changes in weight, waist circumference and hip circumference were tracked, while regular questionnaires investigated hunger and fullness.
While the results have not yet been analysed, the average weight loss was approximately 0.4kg a week. A wide variation in weight, size and BMI may have influenced the finding that some subjects responded much better than others. Three case studies are presented here. All subjects were nurses aged 31-50 years and in good health.
Miss A had a baseline BMI of 31 and a waist circumference of 100cm. By week six, she had achieved a 9% reduction in weight, had lost 4cm from her waist and 11cm from her hips. Her new BMI was 28. Mrs B had a starting BMI of 32.7 and a final one of 30. Her weight reduction was 7% of baseline, and she lost 8cm from her waist. Mrs C had a BMI of 42.5 and a waist circumference of 106cm. While her weight loss was just under 5%, she lost 14.5cm from her waist and 13cm from her hips.
The variations in weight loss may have been influenced by changes in muscle mass. Subjects who maintained muscle mass while losing fat would have experienced moderate weight loss but large changes in body size.
Dr Ruxton and her team are currently analysing the data for publication later this year.