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NiP returns to Belfast

The first Nursing in Practice Event of 2009 took place in Belfast earlier this week. Despite the terrible weather, with your help, we managed to have yet another successful day ...

On Tuesday 3 February we came to the King's Hall in Belfast for a day of education, inspiration and fun. Although many parts of the UK had been hit by the heaviest snowfall since 1991, this didn't deter lots of you from braving the weather to attend. NiP would like to thank all of you who did, and we hope the heating problems in the venue didn't prevent you from enjoying the day too much.

The programme featured a variety of sessions covering everything from alcohol in the primary care setting to running a sexual health service for young people.

Martin Bradley, Chief Nursing Officer for Northern Ireland, kickstarted proceedings with a valuable keynote speech entitled "Progress towards a healthier future." His presentation focused on the major improvements that will need to be made in health and social care over the next 20 years as society changes and new technologies and treatments are developed.

Eileen Hutson, an alcohol liaison nurse, spoke about the treatment of alcohol addiction in the community. Her presentation included clarification of the terminology used in alcohol liaison and an overview of the management of alcohol withdrawal. She also explained the concept of harm reduction, which includes helping people to become more conscious of the risks of their behaviour and to provide them with tools and resources to help reduce harm to themselves and others.

In her session, "Sexual health: an integrated approach", Cathy Curry described an initiative to provide an pioneering sexual health service for young people in Belfast. The aim of the service is to educate young people, the community, professionals and parents on sexual health matters. Marguerite McConvey then revealed some of the issues faced by peer educators, such as lack of parental support, low self-esteem and lack of trust from young people.

If you made it to our Belfast Event I hope you were inspired to go back to your practice and make a difference, professionally or personally. We would love to hear your thoughts and reflections on the day, so please share them with us.

The next stop on this year's NiP Events tour is Glasgow on 17 March, and we hope to see you there! For more information on all our Events for the rest of 2009 click here.

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Your comments (terms and conditions apply):

"This was one of the fantastic events I have ever attended in my career despite the terrible weather. I really appreciated the organisers and I hope this will continue." - Prince Andrew Young-Owolanke, Carrickfergus

"I was at the Nursing in Practice conference today in Belfast. I would like to thank Marilyn and her team for providing an informative day despite the difficulities in coming across to NI.
This was the first time I have attended a Nursing in Practice Event, which I think many more nurses could benefit from, so I will be passing on encouragement to others to book for next year.
Thanks again - the cool surroundings was not reflected by the warm welcome." - Jane Conradie

"Hi, attended conference this week in Belfast, just wanted to congratulate you on the success of the day. A great turnout for such bad weather conditions! This was the first Nursing in Practice event I have attended. I found the exhibition excellent, one of the best I have been to, and the representatives very helpful and informative re their products and knowledge base, esp those covering dermatology topics. The presentations were very good, my only problem being I would have liked to attend some of the talks which coincided with each other, but you even have that covered I see from logging on today I find I can download those presentations missed! Again, well done, a most enjoyable day, I even managed to catch up with old colleagues. Looking forward to next year!" - E McConnell, Belfast